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May 23, 20014

London through the ages captured in film and moving pictures

bannersThis year the National film Museum decided it was time to create a London centric exhibition to show how film has influenced and changed our capital. Browsers of the exhibition will be delighted with how Cinema delighted and captured the imagination of Londoners, even in the darkest hours during the Blitz, and during the great depression of the 1930s.

The National film Museum has created an exceptional display designed to capture the imaginations of both young and old who have an interest in film from the first black-and-white productions without sound all the way through to the Technicolor film website of the 60s and of course the high digital displays of modern life. All of the stands were created interestingly enough in 48 hours by a company called Just-Displays Ltd based in London who only had a short notice do not only produce the stands but to deliver the stands to the film Museum and install them ready for doors opening on a Monday morning. On behalf of the National film Museum we are extremely grateful for their hard work.

The exhibition saw record numbers of people coming into view the London displays, and experts were on hand to answer any questions that schoolchildren, or just the curious may have on filmography throughout the century in regards to London.

London Entertainment

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